glitz makeup technology



Hydrate your face and set your makeup in place with this  pink and gold portable misting device. 

Forget your typical face mists that take up excessive space in your bag. With  Glitz Spritz, the hydrogen-rich water sprayer you will have your favourite mist  in this fun and portable device and take it with you anywhere to hydrate your  face, prep and set your makeup, calm your skin after sun exposure and protect  from environmental aggressors and pollution. The Glitz Spritz is portable and  affordable – the perfect compact size for your handbag, and easy to use.  

It’s USB-rechargeable and can be used for more than 10 times before refilling  is needed. The hydrogen-rich water that comes with the device offers SPF  protection, anti-pollution and antioxidant properties. 

• Sets Makeup 
• Primes skin for makeup application
 Cools you down
• Portable and ergonomic design
• Refreshes Skins and Makeup

1. Add the mist in the back tank. Only use the dropper to add water!
2. Slide up the upper cover and wait a few seconds
3. Turn on the device by pressing the big gold button and the fine pleasant  mist will come out, the light will be blue to indicate the device is on and  working
4. Keep the device at 12cm away from your face and move across your  whole face. If using before makeup, keep the device at 5cm from your face
5. The device will automatically stop after 45 seconds. When fully charged  the device can be used for 120 times (of 45 seconds each). When the  battery is running low, the blue light will be flashing on the back of the  water tank, so plug in a USB port to charge. 
6. To use for longer, slide the cover up again