You don’t always need a team of therapists or expensive machines to get great skin these days. We’re breaking down a few treatments of the ultra-rich and how you can achieve the same results at home with one of our GLITZ TOY tools.


  1. In Beverly Hills, you can spend between $500-$2000 on platelet-rich plasma injections and micro-needling in a high-end plastic surgery clinic. Celebrities love them! However, you can get close to these results at home with a derma pen serum injector like our HYDRA. It is totally wireless and a fraction of the cost. The only thing you’ll miss is the chance for a selfie with your favourite celeb!
  2. For those who aren’t too keen for a ‘Vampire facial,’ electric micro-needling is an option for bouncy, healthy-looking skin. If you want that Hollywood glow,  Healthline says, “Microneedling may cost anywhere from $200 to $700 per session.” Well, if you’re not ready to book your flight just yet, try using our MAGIC GLITZ derma pen to reduce signs of ageing, plump your skin and reduce discolourations from home.
  3. Lastly, if you want a simple but beneficial treatment, you might prefer a basic derma rolling session. They’re not too expensive anywhere, even in Beverly Hills. But you’ll need around 6 to 8 sessions to see the best results. Or, if you don’t fancy the drive to a clinic, you might consider trying one at home, like our BABY FACE derma roller. Check out useful guides; like this one, on how to derma roll your way to softer, more springy skin.