glitz makeup technology



This vibrating wand device will support the delicate eye area in various ways.
Similar to your fingertip to ensure smooth and minimal movement in this fragile area.

Eye Candy will firm and lift the eye area, help with puffiness and dark circles thanks to the massaging motion that targets blood circulation, as well as the added LED light. The blue light offers a cooling effect which can be used for puffy eyes, and the red light is warmer, which will relax your tired eyes after a long day. Eye Candy can also be used across the face as a massager once a week, to aid with circulation.

The Eye Candy is portable and affordable – the perfect compact size for your handbag, and easy to use. It’s USB-rechargeable and comes with a cap to protect that can also be used as a base. The magnetic heat technology helps with the absorption of products but can also be used as a gentle massager without product, and this will also help with the under eyes before applying makeup so that concealer or foundation blends in the skin smoothly without any creasing.

• Lifts the eyes
• De-puffs the eye area
• Improves circulation
• LED targets pigmentation
• Products absorb better
• Gentle lymphatic drainage

1. Apply your eye serum/cream
2. Turn on the device from the bottom
3. Choose the LED light depending on your
mood and needs
4. Go over the eye area morning and night,
to help the eye cream absorb better
5. Turn off and return at the base or use it as
a cap if travelling